About Kripayanam

K- Krishna
R- Research
I- Institute of
P- Panchakarma
A- Ayurveda
N- Naturopathy with
A- Alternative
M- Medicine

Kripayanam is a Holistic health care of research center. Kripayanam  provides cure for incurable disease from modern medical science .It is actively functioning and based on internationally known keralian and himalayan panchkarma chikitsa paddhaties for treating diseases like paralysis, Arthrities, spondylities, cervical lumbar pain, joints pain, Slip disk, psoriasis, leucoderma or vitiligo, obesity, abdominal and respiratory diseases. It is a service station which is meant to relax not only  for the body but also relax the soul.

Aim & Objective

kripayanam always help the people using ancient ayurvedic  knowledge. we find holistic solution of people  health problems.

  • To maintain positive health in a healthy individual.
  • Disease preventive, curative & rehabilitative approach.
  • To explore the positive ongoing result regarding panchkarma.
  • To promote and conduct various researches in field of ayurveda and panchkarma.
  • To promote Ayurvedic tourism on the basis of uttarakhand.
  • Patient satisfaction is our primary motto.


Dr.K.K. Sharma (PhD. Ayurveda)

Head of Deptt.(Panchkarma) at State Ayurvedic College Gurukul kangari, Haridwar, uttarakhand.
President of (NAPAR) National Academy of Panchkarma And Research Uttarakhand.
Ex-Vice President of Indian Medical Board Uttarakhand
General Secretory of Teaching Medical Association, Uttarakhand

Research Work

Comparative antibacterial efficiency of different herbal extracts as a route canal medicament.

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