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Each year hundreds of clients from india & overseas come to our center for Panchkarma treatment. Since they are immersed in this detoxification and healing treatment for anywhere from 3-6 weeks and a strict diet needs to be maintained during the process, it make sense for them to stay the kripaynam center.

At,  kripayanam, we believe that an atmosphere of love and warm for all our guest aids in healing process. This is one of the aspect that we feel is most important for your comfort, during stay with us.

Kripayanam provide two type of room :

AC Rooms
Non AC Rooms

Pathyhar / Medicated Diet

In Kripayanam you  will have  healthy balanced Ayurvedic meal. The Ayurvedic diet is one that not only nourishes the body, but also restores balance of ‘Tridoshas’ which is very much essential for maintaining Health. An Ayurvedic diet needs to be balanced, using various herbs, foods and spices to completely nourish your body.

In addition we include the right  amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Each taste feeds our mind, body and senses in a unique way making the Ayurvedic diet extremely healthy and healing.

Ayurvedic Consultation by Experts Physician

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on rebalancing the doshas. Ayurveda is ‘veda’ (knowledge) of Ayu, which is defined as a combination of body, mind, senses and soul.Each one of us has a body, mind and soul but we hardly know anything about them.

In Kripayanam we understand your physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Ayurvedic diagnosis is made through a combination of a complete detailed history,  pulse, tongue, and physical exam ination that will help to reveal underlying factors in the disease process. Often a patient may complain of numerous symptoms. Instead of giving a remedy for each symptom, our doctors diagnoses and treats the fundamental imbalance that may be responsible for all of the symptoms.

Panchkarma Treatment

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s primary purification and detoxification treatment.According to the ancient Ayurvedic Science all the disease arise from imbalance of 3 doshas like Vata, Pitta, Kapha.
Panchakarma provide 2 way of treatment for imbalance of 3 element (vata, pitta, kapha)

1- Shaman therapy– Oral Ayurvedic Medicine like vati, guggul, kwath, churna, medicated oil and ghee and some panchakarma procedures like abhyang (massage), sirodhara, shirovasti, shiropichu, patrapotti swedan, shastisali pinda swedan and many other  procedures.

2- Shodhana therapy– biological purification by shodhna therapy like vamana, virechna, Vasti, nasya, rakta mokshna (blood letting) by the means prachhannam, leech therapy ,shringi, alabu etc.

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