Ayurveda emphasizes how to adapt with nature to prevent the disease process from starting, and to ensure that health is maintained. Ayurveda offers three basic pillars: diet, sleep and exercise (yoga). In regard to eating, Ayurveda views ingestion as a very broad term, not just limited to the ingestion of food, but to the experience. In Ayurveda, food can be the number one preventative medicine.

According to Ayurveda, diet should support your physiology and lead to strong mind. A strong mind promotes clear thinking. Clear thinking always produces useful activity, which ultimately leads to the fulfillment of desires. This is how good eating habits can promote the greatest happiness and satisfaction in life.

Weight Loss Tips from Ayurveda as follows :

1. Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss
2. Exercise for Weight Loss
3. Hard Physical Work to Burn Calories
4. Massage Therapy to Reduce Fat
5. Sleep Guidelines for Weight Loss

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